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Book events

Bunch of happy moments to nurture the mind and heart that hopefully have shaped us to be mindful readers!

Bookish Indonesia

Bookish Indonesia, yang berdiri tahun 2016, merupakan salah satu komunitas buku terbesar yang berkembang melalui media sosial Instagram.

Jakarta Book Club

This is the satellite club passionate about reading & want to share it with more people. Meet once a month in strategic locations across Jakarta. 

Goodreads Indonesia

Goodreads Indonesia lives under a name Baca Itu Seru,  established 12 years ago, the oldest book club,  and is still active  both online and offline.

Bincang Buku

Perbincangan tentang buku-buku nonfiksi terbitan Gramedia Pustaka Utama. 
Ada meetupnya bareng para pembacanya?

general events

What shape you to be you? 

Pentingnya Komunikasi Publik

Tiga unsur dalam komunikasi publik:
1. Konten
2. Verbal
3. Gestur.
Manakah yang lebih penting?



How can we support those who are marginalised and excluded from education? Does education for all, mean all?


Modern Masterpieces of World Literature

Examine how great modern writers capture the intricacies of our globalized world and how their works circulate within that world to find their own audiences.

Transforming Digital Learning: Learning Design Meets Service Design

Bring powerful digital learning into your professional practice. Explore current issues and emerging trends in the field.