Turn your ideas into writing and let it be your legacy! 

Children Books

Children must get familiar with books, and that means children books is a must-read by anyone because this is where everything good starts for a new generation.

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Hand Writing

Why still doing handwriting in digital age? What is it reinforced? Can it show someone’s personality? 

Sharing Happiness

Sharing happiness by being present and being part of the community, we’ll be surprised to see how genuine respect is showed. 

Eka Kurniawan's Novels

“Cantik Itu Luka” is the most popular one. Eka Kurniawan’s novels were formed with magic from another universe’s land of living and out of human time zone.

Cultural Diplomacy

What is cultural diplomacy? How it works, and its importance in today’s polarised world?

Discovering the Art of Writing

Where have your writing taken you to? What writings have reminded of your self-development?  

Sharing without Expecting

What’s so powerful about voluntary teaching? What is the expectation behind giving all with expecting nothing in return?