Who We Are?

Kertas Kosong is here to share spaces for your thoughts and minds, to invite you to step off the beaten path, and to showcase small things we have. Kertas Kosong is a space where readers come to be themselves expressing their writing, sharing stories, or speaking ideas in the most artful and mindful way they know-how.

Brand Identity

The font is adapting one of my root languages that is Javanese, by bringing along one of Javanese’s most sacred weapons as a symbol, Keris! This written logo is carved in the postmodern style, which aims to dive traditional inspiration.

The colours are black and white to represent Blank Slate or in Bahasa Indonesia is Kertas Kosong that is needed to be filled with written sharper attitudes to shape character with golden soul.
We believe that there are only two immortal colors named Black and White! These two colors symbolize the journey of the goodness mystery in seeking wisdom.



Tabula Rasa, Tasawwuf and Suwung are the initiation concept of Kertas Kosong. One concept similarity among the three is emptiness or blank on the mind and soul. Tabula rasa, which has literal meaning of clean/blank slate, is a philosophical theory brought by John Locke. Blank slate is the definition of human born with no ideas or theory of the world. Tasawwuf, in Islam, generally translated into Sufism, which is the psychological dimension of purifying the heart and the role of divine grace in choosing the saintly. Suwung, in Javanese philosophical contest, is the definition of emptiness in the term of mindful self-control and self-awareness that is related to God. The point of these three concepts is to perceive and lead to inwardness wisdom. Above all, Kertas Kosong is a literal meaning of blank slate.

Our Vision

To provide a room to dive in-depth view and to participate in enhancing and improving the intellectually social life, without having to debate but discuss, without having to dispute but open, and without having to rely on one side but take the best stand of all views. Be different and authentic for the integrity of the perspective and self-awareness.

Our Mission

To enhance readers a room to find read recommendations and  insightful contents by sharing through storytelling what must-read books are for all Indonesians both Indonesian and English books, and to provide a space that support readers getting the reference needs to improve literacy sphere and critical thinking.

Solehal Wani


Solehal Wani is the Founder of Kertas Kosong. Wani studied English Language and Literature and currently studies Diplomacy and International Policy. Her expertise lies in digital marketing, public relation, public speaking, and content writing. In 2014, she started posting books along creative captions on Instagram, which shapes her to be Bookstagram. During the COVID-19, Wani decides to develop a bookstore and website to cover her interests and vision, named Kertas Kosong. 

Noni Anggraini


Noni Anggraini is the Co-Founder of Kertas Kosong. She is an advanced reader who is about to finish master degree in Communication Science. Most of her read interests are humanity, philosophy, history and gender equality.  Noni has been published three books and many journals to national and international journals to help advancing Indonesian research improvement. Operation of Kertas Kosong will be under her supervision.